What to Do at Hillview Close to Dairy Farm Residences

Singapore has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years because this world class place offers so much to prospective property buyers. There are many things regarding the neighborhoods of Singapore which appeal tremendously to immigrants. Fortunately, there are a vast amount of information available online and therefore ultimately it is only a question of making the final decision about which neighborhood appeals most to you and satisfies all of your personal preferences. The area is close to Dairy Farm Residences and there are many things to do here.

Very close to Bukit Timah Hill you will find Hillview which is also the highest point in Singapore at 163m. This area featured prominently in World War II because of its strategic importance. You will find the Ford Motor Factory not far from Hillview Avenue which is also the spot where Arthur Ernest Percival commanding officer of the British in …

Amenities Located Near to Hillview For The Residents

Planning to neighborhood hop while in Singapore? You’ll be greeted with hidden quarries, beautiful nature parks, wildlife, and the best places for foodies. Is Hillview on your list? Considering all the amenities it has, it should be. Read on to learn all about this neighborhood.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Do you love to hike? Then get your hiking shoes on and head to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve where you will traverse 1.64sq km of pure nature with four walking trails. This incredible ecosystem boasts wild animals, lush trees, and Singapore’s highest hill: Bukit Timah Hill. The best time to go is during the week as the weekends tend to get busy.

Dairy Farm Nature Park

With multiple trails for hiking and biking, spend the day at this 63-hectare park amid a gorgeous, rustic backdrop. Other features of the nature park include the Wallace Education Centre and the Wallace Environmental …

Bukit Timah Expressway BKE

Bukit Timah Expressway abbreviated as BKE, is the Singapore’s great highway which begins at the Expressway in Pan Island that is found in Bukit Timah. The Expressway Orchard Boulevard Residences Condo travels towards the Causeway at Johor-Singapore and in Woodlands checkpoint in its North direction. The Expressway was constructed to ease transportation issues in the area due to the great features found in this place. Here is the history and some features that will help you understand BKE more. Dairy Farm Residences is a new development that is near to Bukit Timah Expressway and therefore provide convenience for the UED Residential Condo. Please see heavy duty brackets that can be done for your home as well as many the fall in industrial rents as a result of covid-19.

Bukit Timah Expressway BKE

There was a committee for calling tenders who were willing to have the expressway built on 22/05/1982 where …

Bukit Timah Road

Bukit Timah is a residential estate and planning area found in Singapore central region in its western part. It lies an approximation of 10 kilometers away from business district center, which borders Tanglin towards the south, Novena towards the east, Bukit Panjang towards the Northwest, Central water catchment towards the north, Clementi towards the southwest, Bukit Batok towards the west, and Queenstown towards the south. Bukit Timah stands out to have a high density of private houses with support from government-fund development of public housing. Bukit Timah’s residential properties are extremely expensive about the outskirts places away from the city.

Bukit Timah Road Located Near to Bukit Panjang

The Bukit Timah road was finished in Hillhaven 1843 december.there was the construction of hut with chairs for visitors. The road was leading to the hill which was then viewed as an “excellent sanatorium” since the air there was more fresh and …

Hillview MRT Station Dairy Farm Road

Hillview MRT Station is located at the Stage 2 downtown line, underground at the Upper Bukit Timah. The station was named after the Hillview residential area near it, and it straddles the nature reserve and Hillview planning sub-zones. The station serves various shopping malls and nearby religious institutions since its located in private houses estates and condominium vicinity.

The station is made of two platforms in the arrangement at island platform, where all the platforms are utilized for both directions traveling trains. Its doors are air-conditioned hence gives comfort to station and safety to commuters. Escalators, lifts, and stairs connect the above concourse. There is a two-floor ceiling in platform level that conveys spacious feeling.

Hillview MRT Station Dairy Farm Road

Each platform has a plasma display for key messages and expected arrival times for trains. There is a tactile flooring whose aim is guiding visually-handicapped people towards the exits …

Dairy Farm Residences United Engineers Limited Real Estate Developer

One of the oldest and most reputed engineering companies in Singapore is United Engineers Limited abbreviated as UEL. The company was founded in the year 1912 and is closely linked to the transformation and development of Singapore. It is the 11th oldest company in Singapore according to the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce and also has a number of group companies. The company was originally founded as an engineering company and has since diversified into various engineering related activities like property development, rentals, hospitality sector, engineering, distribution of engineering products, system integration and manufacturing based on market demand.

Dairy Farm Residences UEL Group

The UEL group is closely associated with the development of various landmark projects in Singapore like the Orchard gateway, UE Bizhub City and UE Bizhub East. Some of the shopping malls which are developed by the group are the Rochester, UE Shopping Square and the Seleta Mall. …

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah nature reserve is a reserve located in Singapore at an approximate of 12 Km away from the city center at the bustling, and it offers a pristine form nature. Timah has a diverse and very rich ecological system due to its location in Singapore where passes an equatorial belt. The place has many varieties of animals, plants, insect life, and a typical humid equatorial climate.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Greeneries

The reserve is on a small land worth 163 acres which is inclusive of Bukit Timah hill that happens to be the highest hill in Singapore. The hill is in a space worth 163 meters and is among the few areas in the country’s primary rain-forest. The forest that is found on the hill is used as a ground for botanical collection over a century now and amazingly, among the many Malayan plant’s species, its first species to …

Hillview Avenue Natural Greenery

This is a nested neighborhood located in the western part of Singapore. The property lies overlooking the Bukit Timah Hill hence the origin of the name Hill View. The place is surrounded by natural greenery. To the west you will have the Bukit Gombak woodlands, to the south is the Bukit Batok Nature Park, and to the East is the famous Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The place is also surrounded by other parks such as the Diary farm Nature Park, and Hindhede Nature Park which make the place your preferred holiday destination. Hillview Avenues over time it has developed its infrastructure and developed other projects which make it to be admired by both tourist and investors.

Hillview Avenue Natural Greenery

This is a freehold development which was completed in the year 1995. It is located at 19B within the Hillview Avenue in District 23. This development is comprised of 184 …