Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah nature reserve is a reserve located in Singapore at an approximate of 12 Km away from the city center at the bustling, and it offers a pristine form nature. Timah has a diverse and very rich ecological system due to its location in Singapore where passes an equatorial belt. The place has many varieties of animals, plants, insect life, and a typical humid equatorial climate.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Greeneries

The reserve is on a small land worth 163 acres which is inclusive of Bukit Timah hill that happens to be the highest hill in Singapore. The hill is in a space worth 163 meters and is among the few areas in the country’s primary rain-forest. The forest that is found on the hill is used as a ground for botanical collection over a century now and amazingly, among the many Malayan plant’s species, its first species to be known were obtained from this hill. The development is located near to Dairy Farm Residences by UED Residential at Hillview Avenue. Please also see wooden kitchen countertop designs as well as a colour closet for your home design. There is also vendors for window replacement at your house. Please see more information with regards to Dairy Farm Residences next to Bukit Panjang and German School.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Near to Singapore Botanical Gardens

Greatest fauna and flora percentages are found in Bukit Timah Reserve, and it is the best option for everyone who wants to be associated with nature closely. Some of the species of flora and fauna that are located in this reserve are; Malayan Colugo, Shorea Curtisii, and Red Dhup.

Bukit Timah is said to be among the fast reserves to be established in Singapore in 1883, where Nathaniel Cantley recommended who was the Singapore Botanic Gardens superintended by then. The straight settlement government commissioned Cantley in 1882 to have a report prepared concerning the settlement of the forest. Cantley had several forests recommended being created in his report and these were accomplished after some years.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Gazetted for Protection

All reserves that were in Singapore were being worked for timber except for the Bukit Timah. Since there was a great change because of the economic development, most of these reserves were then depleted by 1937. It was great that Bukit Timah was not among the reserves that were depleted because the reserve protected flora and fauna with the Singapore Botanic Gardens Management.
The Singapore reserves were then protected in 1951 since there were a Nature Ordinance Reserves enactment and the Nature Reserves Board establishments which were intended in managing these reserves.

In 1990, the Botanic Gardens of Singapore declared Central Catchment areas and Bukit Timah as being the Nature Reserves. It is great that by now, Bukit Timah Reserve is gazetted for protection, propagation, and the preservation of the indigenous species of flora and fauna in Singapore under the Trees and Parks Act 2005.

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