Since both the sites, Jalan Jurong Kechil and Dairy Farm Road was presented for the public tender, it has attracted a lot of potential developers. Dairy Farm Road was launched on the 31st of May while Jalan Jurong Kechi was brought to the public tender on 28th June. The next move by both Jalan Jurong Kechi and Dairy Farm Road sites is much awaited after the tender closed.

Dairy Farm Residences Prices

By the time the tender was being closed, chances of getting a winner were already clear since different bidders had declared their interest. The site at Dairy Farm Road has received bids when by the time the tender was closing while that at Jalan Jurong Kechi had three bids. Speaking about the bid process of both sites, the information was given by the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

Upon the successful sale of the site, Dairy Farm Residences Price will attract unique and mixed development. According to the tender process, Dairy Farm Road had received the highest bid at $368.8 million. The entire process of the tender of the site has involved different sources of consortium. Greatview Investment and MCC Land have been so instrumental in the price determination of the bid.

Bid Price and Tender Details for Dairy Farm Residences

The fact that the Dairy Farm Residences is set to have a residential site together with a permissible commercial area made the whole deal very attractive. Different developers offered different prices for the development depending on the intended purpose and the current location of the site. From the strict competition that has been witnessed during the tender process, Jalan Jurong Kechil which is the highest bidder is likely to carry the day.

The winner for the Dairy Farm will have a lot that comes with the purchase following the strategic location that it enjoys. The site will be developed to host residential units which are approximated to be 450 in numbers together with F&B shops. Now it’s official that United Engineers has been awarded the site at Dairy Farm road by Urban Redevelopment Authority following their highest bid.

Dairy Farm Residences Bid Price by United Engineers

United Engineers has some of the best plans and the vision for the new development. It will be perfect for residential since it will be surrounded by childcare centre, supermarkets, food court and beverage to support life within Dairy Farm. The winner will have control of the property for a whole 99 years until the lease expires. When accessing the site, users can enjoy the great transport options since it served by both the railway and the roads.