Hillview MRT Station Dairy Farm Road

Hillview MRT Station is located at the Stage 2 downtown line, underground at the Upper Bukit Timah. The station was named after the Hillview residential area near it, and it straddles the nature reserve and Hillview planning sub-zones. The station serves various shopping malls and nearby religious institutions since its located in private houses estates and condominium vicinity.

The station is made of two platforms in the arrangement at island platform, where all the platforms are utilized for both directions traveling trains. Its doors are air-conditioned hence gives comfort to station and safety to commuters. Escalators, lifts, and stairs connect the above concourse. There is a two-floor ceiling in platform level that conveys spacious feeling.

Hillview MRT Station Dairy Farm Road

Each platform has a plasma display for key messages and expected arrival times for trains. There is a tactile flooring whose aim is guiding visually-handicapped people towards the exits of the station. The latest development near to Hillview MRT Station is Dairy Farm Residences located right in the heart of Hillview.


Fare-gates are available which allows the access for unpaid and paid station areas and collects fare automatically. It has a bi-directional wide-swinging gate which is beneficial to wheelchair travelers and the ones who have prams or carry heavy bulk. Please also see the latest info on ways to save money by using efficient lightning as well as new painting ideas for your family.

Hillview MRT Station General Ticketing Machines

There are top-up machines that offer card transactions without contacts and general ticketing machines that enable ticket purchasing by commuters. The station has an office which is service care for travelers, and it is opened in its working hours to allow commuters to perform cash payment transactions and make reasonable inquiries. The concourses are connected at two different exits with lifts and escalators. The unpaid concourse area has a public toilet just adjacent top the traveler’s service center.

Doren Soh’s “What Remains”: Art in Transit

There is “what remains” which shows the remnant documents from the KTM railway line, like; railways tracks stretch in the left side of old-line three bridges and the bridge at steel truss that is near to the station.

Civil Defense Shelter at Hillview MRT Station

Hillview station is also designated a Civil Defense shelter, that is activated during national emergencies. The station has facilities that give a tolerable shelter environment to the shelters in their shelter environment, and it has a reinforced construction. The facilities in the station are; decontamination facilities, protective blast doors, water, and power supply systems, ventilation systems, and the dry toilet system.

Safety Features

• There are bus stop buttons for an emergency train that prevents incoming trains from reaching the station; hence it can no longer move when activated.
• There are emergency telephones and lifts with an intercom system that helps commuters in communicating with the station staff.
• There are various fire extinguishers
• The emergency door handle that makes the doors open in case there is a failure in train side.
• Emergency stop buttons are in all escalators.

Rail Bridging Services

Dairy Farm Residences United Engineers Limited Real Estate Developer
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