Singapore is known for having diverse plant and animal life that makes it a popular tourist destination for enthusiasts of the natural world. The national parks in Singapore work hard to put all of the flora and fauna on display, and they do an especially good job at the Dairy Farm Nature Park. Aiming to provide a relaxing and engaging nature experience for adults and children alike, Dairy Farm Nature Park not only shows off the beauty of local foliage and trees but also provides an immersive and rich experience for everyone who visits. With learning centres, artifacts on display and information about what sort of plants can be found throughout the park, you can turn your visit into an educational experience for children and adults alike. With 75-hectare of space, there are plenty of things to do and sights to see waiting to be discovered. Please see the advantageous of staying near to Mix Development and close to nature.

First and foremost, the park is well-known for its Wallace Education Centre, which is a permanent display commemorating Alfred Russel Wallace, who was considered a contemporary of Charles Darwin and is thought to be one of the first subscribers to the theory of evolution. Wallace often used Singapore as a base for his explorations of the Malay Archipelago, giving you an idea of the sort of plant life you’re sure to see there. Here, kids and adults alike can enjoy education on the natural world all year-round with themed exhibitions that keep things fresh to keep you learning.

The very first community nursery in Singapore is located in Dairy Farm Nature Park. Volunteers come in to nurture and protect the endangered species of plants, including native plants, using seeds and seedlings found in the forest located near the nature park. People can sign up to volunteer and care for these plants to get firsthand experience with them and become a part of the lives of the plants that volunteers are passionately working so hard to preserve.

The Wallace Trail was first built in 2009 and was extended to become even more attractive and educational in 2020. With 2.2 kilometres to wander through, the Wallace Trail lets visitors really get a look at the nature park on a trail designed to show all of the best parts. The trail runs from the Wallace Education Centre to the Hillview MRT station, making it quite the scenic journey. Visitors get a chance to explore the same sights as Wallace while also learning about the history of the area through various artifacts, making the visit educational and enriching from start to finish.

With no shortage of activities to enjoy at Dairy Farm Nature Park, one could easily spend an entire day there. For a richer experience, you can set up your visitation to take place in groups as large as 50 people. Whether you are heading there on your own or looking to enjoy a more engaged community experience, you’ll be glad you visited the historical Dairy Farm Nature Park.

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