What to Do at Hillview Close to Dairy Farm Residences

Singapore has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years because this world class place offers so much to prospective property buyers. There are many things regarding the neighborhoods of Singapore which appeal tremendously to immigrants. Fortunately, there are a vast amount of information available online and therefore ultimately it is only a question of making the final decision about which neighborhood appeals most to you and satisfies all of your personal preferences. The area is close to Dairy Farm Residences and there are many things to do here.

Very close to Bukit Timah Hill you will find Hillview which is also the highest point in Singapore at 163m. This area featured prominently in World War II because of its strategic importance. You will find the Ford Motor Factory not far from Hillview Avenue which is also the spot where Arthur Ernest Percival commanding officer of the British in the area oversaw the formal surrender of the Malayan Peninsula to the Japanese forces.  The closest MRT station is Hillview on the Blue Downtown line. To reach the Botanic Gardens will require 5 stops and to reach Little India you must count 8 stops. This is one of the greenest areas in Singapore and the area provides amazing views of Bukit Timah Hill.

One of the popular stores in the area is HillV2 mall which provide people with a variety of shopping options and there are also several diners. Hillview avenue is in fact the kind of street which would serve perfectly as the backdrop of a movie in particular a Korean romantic comedy. This the kind of community where there can never be enough socializing. This is why more fun activities in the area would really help to provide more opportunities which can be used to know other people better. You will fit in perfectly as long as you own a couple of jogger shorts. There are several areas which can be visited to learn about the unique culture of Singapore and they are Dempsey Hill, Arab Street Little India and Chinatown. All of these areas overflow with restaurants each of which offer different foods which can be enjoyed by patrons. In fact, eating has often been considered to be one of the preferred ways to quickly have a n introduction to a new culture.

Even in a wonderful place like Singapore expats will occasionally miss their country of origin which is natural because he who forgets his roots is only half a person. Nevertheless, when expats are overcome with home sickness, they simply cook the food of their childhood years and while eating they dwell on old memories. Nevertheless, when people visit from abroad, they simply have to be introduced to some of the nature parks in the region which has amazing scenery.  It is simply not true that only wealthy people live in Singapore in fact, like elsewhere people subsist on a meager budget and yet they are mostly content and happy.



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